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Sandy Allain

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sandy Allain. Originally from Paris, France, I’ve been

living in Madrid, Spain since 2000. I am SEO expert, specialized in the educational industry where I have a great deal of experience. I have been working as SEO consultant for the past 16 years.

I am most well known for my Internet marketing expertise as the Internet Director in Donquijote-Enforex, one of the largest language schools in Spain and Latin America.

It was me who created for them the successful Internet team with 27 people (including programmers, copywriters, SEO, paid advertising campaigns) from scratch. Internet benefits grew from 500,000 Euros to 3 Million Euros within one year and reached over 7 Million Euros due to our constant Internet marketing efforts.

In 2005, Donquijote was bought by Enforex and the holding Ideal Education Group was created (Enforex-Donquijote). My formerly owned company Wistorm - a marketing consultation service - was also acquired by Enforex in the same year.

In order to have more time to share my expertise and help other smaller and mid-sized language schools to experience similar success, I left Donquijote-Enforex in July 2008. Since then I helped many language schools to improve their Internet marketing results and strategize their online marketing activities.